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Where and How to Place Ads within Mobile Apps for Maximum Results

Where and How to Place Ads within Mobile Apps for Maximum Results

The world of apps is still relatively young and developers are still testing out the waters when it comes to what works and what doesn't as far as monetizing an app is concerned. Some of the biggest names in the world of mobile apps have come to the conclusion long ago that adding in-app advertising is an effective method of offering your app for free, which increases downloads on the one hand, and generates revenue when users click, on the other.

There are of course major challenges when it comes to integrating ads in mobile apps. On the one hand, developers have spent countless hours creating an app that offers a superior experience. The last thing they want to do is destroy that experience by integrating annoying ads that will cause users to close and maybe even delete the app.

In addition, even if the ads do not damage the user's experience, if users don't click on the ads, the developer does not make money. These two challenges are not only hard to overcome, but they are actually very much related.

If you place an ad on the bottom of an app, where no one will see it, the ad will not in any way ruin the experience of the app, but it will also not generate clicks. If, on the contrary, you serve ads right in the middle of the screen when the user is reading their news, such an ad will generate clicks (mostly accidental), but will annoy users.

So how can a developer overcome these challenges and offer ads that will appeal to users on the one hand by being non-intrusive, but will be strategically placed in a location that will cause a user to click? The answer? inneractive's APS (Ad Placement Strategy).

At inneractive, we have been working in the field of mobile advertising before most people knew it existed. We have studied users' behavior and how people interact with mobile ads. Based on that information, we have compiled an advanced document giving our developers precise instructions on where and how to integrate ads in their apps.

Our APS document is bundled with every one of our cross platform SDKs so developers can get the most out of it. To sign up with inneractive and download our SDK with the included APS document, click here.

To give you a small taste of the APS document, here are a few conclusions we have drawn over the past several years in regard to in-app advertising and what techniques generate the highest number of clicks:

  • Create Specific Ad Screen: Placing a banner at the bottom of an app when the user is focused on the middle of the screen, is ineffective. If, however, during a transition of the app, you offer the user a unique screen with the relevant ad, you have increased the chance of generating a click significantly.
  • Be Transparent to the User: Most apps with integrated ads are offered for free, which is only possible thanks to the ads. Make this clear to the user. Don't ask them to click, but explaining to the user that the app is free because of the ad they are seeing, and a click will help it continue to be free is a clear and logical argument that most users will understand and implement.
  • Delay the Skip Option Slightly: While banner advertising has proven itself as an effective method of promoting a product or a service, the fact remains that if you provide a user the ability to skip an ad, most people will take advantage of it. One method of making sure the user sees your ad is by offering the Skip option with a delay of a few seconds. That way, the user has the ability to ignore the ad, but that ability only becomes available after a few seconds, in which the user is exposed to your message.
  • Animate your Ad: Just like on the Web, animated ads and rich media in general yield better results than text-based ads. If you can integrate more dynamic advertising in your app, that will not only increase clicks, but it will engage your audience in a way that text cannot. This will of course lead to higher user satisfaction, which in turn will also lead to more clicks.

These tips are just a taste of what inneractive offers in our APS document. If you are not familiar with inneractive, we offer developers the ability to monetize their free mobile apps by integrating over 70 global ad networks and agencies into one cross platform SDK. We manage your mobile advertising efforts completely and integrate the campaigns that will ultimately lead to the maximum revenue in your pocket. As a developer, you know how to create an excellent app, and we want to ensure that your time is spent doing just that, so we take care of the rest.

Get started with inneractive!

If you have any questions about inneractive or our APS, please let us know in the comments. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter, where we are always listening.

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