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So the Galaxy Note 2 is Too Big, Huh? The Number of Phones Sold Tell a Different Tale

So the Galaxy Note 2 is Too Big, Huh? The Number of Phones Sold Tell a Different Tale

By: Hillel Fuld (@hilzfuld)

If I had to place a bet today and I wanted to make sure it was a safe bet, I would wager on the response I get when showing someone the Galaxy Note 2. Every time, it’s the same thing. “Na, too big. How do you carry that thing around?” At that point, I show the person how it fits perfectly in their pants pocket and they don’t even feel it there. They are convinced for a second or two, then return to “Eh, still too big”.

Of course, as soon as I show them an HD video on the 5.5″ high res screen and the way the device multitasks, not to mention  Android 4.1, the “too big” factor is immediately forgotten. Well, that describes tens of conversations I have had over the past month about what is clearly the best mobile device I have ever owned.

Is the Galaxy Note 2 perfect? Absolutely not. I would have preferred a more premium build quality but the main issues I have with the phone are definitely on the software side. Touchwiz from Samsung is probably the best Android layer there is among the big ones (in my opinion) but still does not hold a candle to stock Android. It’s the little things that drive me crazy, but again, still  by far, the best phone I have owned.

Well, in the beginning of the month, Samsung announced it has sold three million Galaxy Note 2 devices, an impressive number by any account. But three million devices are not cool. You know what’s cool? Five million just a few weeks later.

That’s right. The phone everyone keeps saying is too big and can’t succeed has sold a whopping five million units in just a few months since launch. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S3 can still mock these numbers having been crowned the best selling smartphone in the world, but for all other phones out there, five million is not a number they can ignore.

So to all you skeptics, you can take your “1991 called and they want their stylus back”, and “Is that a Note 2 in your pocket or are you just happy to see me” jokes and keep em to yourself. Samsung, once again, knew what the market wanted before the market itself knew it. B̶i̶g̶ Huge phones are here to stay.