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Here are the Things Apple Totally Ripped off from Competitors for iOS 7

Here are the Things Apple Totally Ripped off from Competitors for iOS 7

By: Hillel Fuld (@hilzfuld)

So WWDC 2013 was quite a show, there is no denying that. From a marketing perspective, it was pure music to my ears. The new Macbook Airs with full day battery life are awesome and I want one. The new Mac Pro is just plain ridiculous. In a good way. The new Mac OS seems like an obvious step in the right direction. All that is great, but iOS 7 was clearly the most interesting and exciting announcement of the day.


Now, here is the thing with Apple, they have been known to ummmm, imitate others. I mean, the company as a whole was started pretty much based on Jobs stealing the whole concept of a GUI from Xerox. What? He never denied it. In fact, he went on record saying “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas”. Don’t believe me? See the video below.

Anyway, Apple is continuing the Jobs legacy with iOS 7 and has clearly “borrowed” some things from its competitors. You know what? As an iOS user, I am ok with that! Oh, really, Mr. Android fanboy? You are going there? Using a Samsung device perhaps? Want me to list the things copied from Apple? Let’s not go there, mmmk?

Here are the most obvious elements of iOS 7 that Apple most definitely took from competitors:

First up? Everything! 

No, that is not an exaggeration. Every single screen, every piece of text, from the first screen on the iPhone with iOS 7 to the entire UI screams Windows Phone. If you honestly don’t see that, take a look at the welcome screen, and tell me you didn’t think that was a Lumia phone in the picture.



Gestures: Hello BlackBerry 10!

On stage, when Apple demoed the whole swipe from the left bezel of your iPhone, all I could think was BlackBerry 10. Now, I know, BlackBerry is suffering, and the Z10 has its shortcomings but the gesture system in QNX and BB10 are pretty brilliant. Apple seems to agree.

Settings Panel: Hello Android!

Swipe up from the bottom of your iOS 7 device and what’s that? A settings panel that provides quick access to things like Wifi, Airplane mode, and many others? Why yes, yes it is. Remind you of something? Again, there is nothing mind-blowing about having this option built into a mobile OS, in fact, it is quite a no-brainer, but the fact is, Apple hasnt’t done it till now. Android has.



Cards Interface: Hello WebOS! 

So, as far as the multitasking abilities of a mobile OS, there are two components, the way it looks and the way it works. Let’s focus on the way iOS multitasking looks. Remember Web OS? There, done. No, seriously, wow, this is like a joke. Apple 100% copied the whole card interface from Web OS. Again, as long as Apple doesn’t deny it, I am cool with it. Want to know why? Because Web OS rocked!


Multitasking: Hello Windows Phone AND Android! 

Now for the way multitasking works in iOS 7. It sees what apps you use most and leaves those updating more frequently. The ones you don’t use as often will get less love from iOS 7 in terms of how often they are updated. When you double press the Home button, iOS 7 will launch Web OS, I mean the multitasking cards and you can see the apps in real time, and swipe away the ones you want to close. A perfect combination of everything Android and Windows Phone does.

The bottom line is, Apple cannot maintain its status as the most successful tech company in the world without paying attention to other players that are slowly easting away at its market. Of course, some of these ripoffs are quite extreme, but I prefer it over the alternative of remaining on a pedestal and thinking you can’t and won’t “lower” yourself to the level of your competitors. A little humility from Apple is a good thing. Now off to download iOS 7 beta…