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Nokia Aims to Own Mobile Photography with New Lumia Ad. Apple Says, Not So Fast!

Nokia Aims to Own Mobile Photography with New Lumia Ad. Apple Says, Not So Fast!

By: Hillel Fuld (@hilzfuld)

Another day, another Lumia ad that takes a direct shot at Apple. Well, there is direct and there is this. Nokia literally took parts of Apple’s ad about the iPhone camera and incorporated them into their own ad. To be honest, unlike other ads from companies like Samsung or BlackBerry that ridicule Apple and other competitors, I actually do not hate this Nokia ad. Allow me to explain why.

While I am generally a fan of more subtlety and less aggressive marketing/advertising tactics, Nokia needs to do something fast. Now, the way I see it, the company had a few options. It could continue to sell what it has and hope for the best. I call that the BlackBerry model. Enough said. Nokia could have also ignored the market and talked about why its phones are so much better than the iPhone or Galaxy devices. Yea, good luck with that. Or…

Nokia chose to take the third option, own a specific part of the mobile market in the hopes that that component will allow it to survive and eventually flourish. That element is of course mobile photography. Nokia could have said “Ok, this game is over. Let’s close up shop” once it took a look at the market share that Apple and Samsung have today. Instead Nokia basically said “We are not going anywhere and if we do, we won’t go without a fight, our best fight.” And so, the company is innovating its butt off.


The Lumia phones are fantastic and the newest devices, the 925 and 1020 are off the charts in terms of photography capabilities. Say what you want about megapixel count, but pretty much everyone agrees that both the 925 and especially the 1020 completely blow away all the competition.


But wait, it gets better. Literally, as I was writing this post, Apple released another ad in the “Every day” series, this time focusing on Facetime. I doubt the timing had anything to do with the Lumia ad released today, but still, it is kinda humorous, to say the least. And now, Nokia, the ball is in your court. Good luck.