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Inneractive and Addiktive Games Illustrate the Potential of Mobile Monetization

Inneractive and Addiktive Games Illustrate the Potential of Mobile Monetization

By: Inneractive
Inneractive welcomed Addiktive Games on board in mid 2013. With a team of talented and creative developers based in Barcelona, Spain and business development personnel in Silicon Valley, these guys take their bubbles very seriously.

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Boasting two very successful titles, Bubble Shooter Free 2.0 and Bubble Shooter 3.0, Addiktive Games started 2013 looking for an ad partner they can grow their business with. Having worked mainly with iAd, they were looking for a platform that extended their international reach, especially in Asia.

“We get offers from ad providers all the time” says Brandon Leong, Business Development Advisor at Addiktive Games. “We’ve never had a very good relationship with any ad partner in the past. The key for us was to find a company that can offer account personnel who can make things work behind the scenes and suggest practical optimization solutions. We finally found one with Inneractive and are now trying to duplicate this relationship model with other potential partners”.

Implementing the Inneractive SDK, Bubble Shooter properties generated standard banner ad units that while generated significant revenue, did not live up to the company’s growth goals. Following some brainstorming and consultation with Inneractive personnel, Pedro Moreno, Lead Developer and the company’s founder & CEO, started tinkering with new ad units that would make a better fit UX wise and were not available to Addiktive Games via other SDKs. “We switched to other ad units until we found a place where we started seeing growth. Inneractive was extremely instrumental and hands-on with this process,” Brandon adds.

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The first application update scaled worldwide performance running neck-and-neck with the peak performance Addiktive was used to. The second update included a series of optimizations including increasing floor prices for DSP bidders. “The two Bubble Shooter games combined perform 20% higher than the previous top ad providers we worked with”.

Since the inception of the partnership, Addiktive Games has tripled the CTR (or user engagement) and almost quadrupled the eCPM. 40% of the company’s revenues are generated by North American users, 47% by Europeans and the rest are in LATAM and APAC. All revenues are contributed by 51 ad networks and agencies worldwide.
Brandon summarizes, “Currently Inneractive is our highest revenue partner. We use Inneractive as a benchmark when we look for other companies to partner with.”

Addiktive Games’ next blockbuster title is expected to hit the app stores by the end of the year. We can’t wait!