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Stuckpixel and Inneractive Illustrate the Effectiveness of Video and Location-Based Mobile Advertising

Stuckpixel and Inneractive Illustrate the Effectiveness of Video and Location-Based Mobile Advertising

The following is a great story by one of our premium publishers who have seen great success using our platform.

Stuckpixel, a studio of 15+ brilliant minds and creative souls, has been contributing chart topping apps to the app stores since 2009. In 2012 Inneractive and Stuckpixel joined forces to help the studio grow its business by incorporating Inneractive’s SSP and mobile RTB exchange.


“In the past we never worked with ad exchanges and ad stacks like Inneractive. We used to manage every single ad network, monitor performance etc. We much prefer working with Inneractive than mediating ad networks manually” says Andrew Lee, Stuckpixel’s co-founder and CEO.

Since the inception of the partnership Stuckpixel has been able to utilize Inneractive’s Super Auction featuring real-time auctions on every user impression comprised of dozens of relevant demand partners via the RTB martketplace, display and video ad networks, Rich Media partners and much more.  The vertical that drove the most impact on Stuckpixel’s revenue came from Location Based Service providers. Current contribution of LBS (Location Based Services) ads to the overall income is at a staggering 80%+ thanks to high user engagement and relevancy on over 20 ad units across Stuckpixel’s mobile applications portfolio.

“I love Inneractive’s console and reporting mechanism, I have to look at reports every day, Inneractive’s is the easiest. Reporting is always in real time for all my ads. Many of my fellow publishers get their reports via email. With Inneractive I get live reporting which I can trust” says Andrew. Also, the control tools are the best in the industry. Unlike other platforms, Inneractive’s reporting is easy to read and interpret and is provided in real time, with others reporting is delayed by a couple of days.”

Stuckpixel is also part of Inneractive’s beta group and got first dibs on the new AdWatch ad review tool. “The fact that I can see the actual ads running on my application is extremely useful. The fact that I have it available anytime is very important for our business” says Andrew.

These days Stuckpixel have included Inneractive’s latest video-enabled SDK sets into their applications. In the new SDKs, calling a full screen interstitial ad triggers a smart decision making algorithms choosing between full screen banners and in-app brand video advertisement.


“Both support and communication with Inneractive is great unlike some ad exchanges who provide SDKs and commitments but never have the Support back it up. Other ad providers provide generic communication whereas with Inneractive everything is more personal and direct. It gives a true sense of reliability. We are happy to have a company that can represent us in front of ad networks. This is a full time job that it saves me and allows us to focus on what we do best.”

And best they do. The studio’s future seems brighter than ever. “We grew our user base and they are the social asset that is pushing us forward. We are trying to add more social aspect to our apps so that people can interact with each other. We will be coming with more apps soon for everyone to enjoy.”