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Inneractive Launches Video Advertising Monetization Platform (VAMP)

Inneractive Launches Video Advertising Monetization Platform (VAMP)

Today we are excited to launch our new Video Advertising Monetization Platform (VAMP). VAMP helps solve three universal publisher pain-points: lack of transparency and control in the programmatic environment, the complexity in the of trading programmatic mobile video, and the struggle to remain competitive over mobile ad dollars.

The platform is made up of three main components – the Audience Vault, the Revenue Desk, and the Video Suite. Collectively, these capabilities enable publishers to create custom packages of valuable audience segments to increase pricing accuracy, discover the optimal mix of ad units and run innovative video ad formats with high levels of viewability and user engagement.  

The Audience Vault

Using demographic and behavior data, the Audience Vault enables publishers to analyze and segment their own user-base, and create audience packages that can be sold programmatically at varying price points. The rich user profiles are based on the publisher’s first-party data, the platform’s auction and engagement data (such as video completion rate, click-through rates, bid depth, etc.) and third-party data from industry-leading DMPs.  Directly within the Revenue Desk dashboard, the publisher can see which audience segments have higher value to different buyers, and the size of these segments within its user-base. The publisher can then sell those segments  at higher price points, making programmatic trading more efficient, and pricing more accurate.

The Revenue Desk

Our brand new dashboard gives publishers full control over their inventory. Using the Revenue desk, publishers can create and view carefully segmented audiences and make informed business decisions based on extremely granular, customizable dynamic reports.  The Revenue Desk includes a proprietary ‘A/B testing’ tool that allows publishers to experiment with different ad units, placements and price points, and compare performance results to identify what works best for them.

The Revenue Desk also offers support for a wide variety of mobile ad units and formats. Both video and static display units, including in-feed videos in landscape, medium rectangle and square (1:1 aspect ratio), interstitial video (both vertical and horizontal), rewarded video, and more. General settings such as sound on/off, ability to skip, etc. are all also supported and can be directly configured from the Revenue Desk without needing to involve the publisher’s engineering / product team.  

The Video Suite

All of our in-feed units support the proprietary ‘storytelling’ behavior which ensures viewability and high completion rates by playing the video  in consecutive ad slots, with auto-pause and auto-resume, as a user scrolls. We have worked closely with Innovid, one of the largest video ad servers in the world, to go beyond standard VAST support and to  develop our VPAID offering, ensuring compliance with VPAID campaigns served through the Innovid platform.  Our proprietary video player features built-in viewability measurement with Moat and DoubleVerify, with no additional integration needed.

By equipping publishers with the right set of tools to maximize their revenues: audience segmentation, the ability to A/B test different ad units, actionable insights about a publisher’s most valuable audiences, VAMP brings true value to publishers and enables them to compete more effectively with the internet giants