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A Global, Direct Publisher

A Global, Direct Publisher



The publisher is a leading social network for meeting people in the US, and is at the forefront of the social discovery market. The company has over 1M daily active users.

What the publisher was looking for

With a large mobile audience, the publisher sought to monetize via advertising, but keep the ads relevant and non-intrusive. Preserving the platform’s unique user experience was important to the publisher.

It has a variety of ad units on its property including video, native and traditional display. The publisher’s high volume of ad requests per day, together with its need to support various ad units meant that it needed a strong technological solution and a comprehensive understanding of the mobile space. The publisher was looking to work with the largest vendors out there in order to create true competition, or in the words
of a senior executive, “We want to drive large scale, fair and honest competition on our inventory.”

The publisher and Inneractive

The publisher and Inneractive partnered via a third-party solution in 2014. In 2015, the publisher decided to integrate directly with Inneractive, leveraging the full technological solution, end-to-end, via Inneractive’s SDK. The full direct integration gave the publisher access to various benefits. First, it was able to leverage rich media ads from all MRAID vendors such as Celtra, Crisp, Sizmek and more, as well as expand into Inneractive’s proprietary native in-feed video solution – STORY. Additionally, Inneractive’s technology includes an auto-redirect blocker, which enables blocking bad ads on the fly, something the publisher previously had several issues with. Furthermore, Inneractive partnered with various viewability vendors, providing advertisers with the option to measure and build confidence with the publisher’s inventory in the challenging app space. Finally, the publisher benefited from Inneractive’s simple integration process, easy- to-use dashboard and personable and dedicated support which puts emphasis on providing insights and helping publishers succeed.

The Results

Working with Inneractive allowed the publisher to optimize monetization, better understand buyers and leverage innovative ad units. The results from integrating directly with Inneractive’s technology were fantastic. Compared to the previous indirect integration via a third-party, eCPM rates increased by nearly 500%, CTR increased by 400%, and fill rate improved by 130%.