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How we helped A Global, Leading Game Publisher

A Global, Leading Game Publisher

The Challenge

Most users leave a gaming app within a week after downloading it. Our client was looking to not only acquire new users, but also retain them over time. In other words, it was looking for high-quality leads that would turn into users with high life time value (LTV). In KPI terms, our client was looking to retain at least 30% of new users for at least the duration of the first week. Most of the vendors that our client worked with did not meet this goal. In addition, our client wanted to optimize its ROI, meaning that he wanted to maximize the LTV by retaining users as well as boosting in-app purchase made by those users, while minimizing the user acquisition cost. Finally, after experiencing self-serve and low-touch type of services when working with other vendors, our client was looking for a fullymanaged, customizable, high-touch type of service.

The Solution

Our team created a personalized, customized strategy, based on our client’s goals and expectations. We started with setting up mini test campaigns across geographic locations, operating systems, devices, app categories and age and gender categories. Our platform’s proprietary BI system, which provides personalized recommendations based on past executions, and our performance managers constantly optimized and refined the allocation of budget based on continuous results. Being a part of Inneractive, a mobile SSP and Exchange, enabled us to get ‘first look’ access to an exclusive, direct supply pool of 20 billion monthly nonincentivized impressions from thousands of mobile publishers. The campaign leveraged multiple ad units including banners, interstitials and videos that targeted different audience segments worldwide, across devices and operating systems, on both apps and mobile web. Our client worked with a dedicated performance manager and received a fully-managed solution that included continuous strategic consulting, 24/7 technical support, real-time and customized periodic reporting and weekly calls.

The Results

The combination of constant machine and human-based optimization and a fully-managed service resulted in meeting our client’s retention and ROI goals. Our client was extremely satisfied with the results and the level of service and support provided by our team. He decided not only to continue working with Inneractive, but also to significantly increase its managed budget.

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