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The Challenge

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Airpush is a leading mobile ad network with an impressive publisher base of 150,000 apps. Airpush wanted to take its offering to the next level and sell its ad supply programmatically (via RTB) to top global DSPs. Specifically, Airpush wanted to increase eCPM rates, optimize fillrates and serve more interstitials on its properties.

The Solution

The integration of Airpush with Inneractive’s White Label RTB Solution was quick and seamless. The immediate result was unlocking global coverage, with parallel access to selected top tier mobile DSPs. Then, Airpush and Inneractive worked together to personalize and optimize the bidder list and map and invite new ones. Inneractive then used Metamarkets-based analytics as well as internal data to provide recommended pricing for Airpush’s various granular inventory segments. Once that was complete, Inneractive developed customized features and solutions to enable more effective auctions such as real-time floor pricing and latency optimization. The next step was the execution of mutual business processes with carefully selected global performance DSPs that led to not only an increase in revenue, but also to a better recognition of Airpush’s brand and supply quality. Finally, Airpush was able to monitor and ensure ad quality by using Inneractive’s own AdWatch tool.

The Results

The partnership with Inneractive had immediate impact on Airpush’s business, as Inneractive quickly became a major driver of Airpush’s non-guaranteed interstitial supply. This led to a major uplift in nonguaranteed eCPM rates that often matched and even beat those generated by Airpush’s direct sales channels. Fill-rates were substantially higher than industry benchmarks, resulting in significant incremental revenues for Airpush and its broad publisher base.