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The Challenge

Starting out as a gaming app development studio, RevMob quickly expanded to become a global mobile ad network, successfully adding non-programmatic direct demand sources to its networks. however, RevMob struggled to unlock the full potential of its various supply sources. RevMob was looking to integrate into additional demand partners, in general, and programmatic demand partners in particular, while maintaining a balance with all other existing demand partners and sales channels. RevMob was also interested in optimizing yield for its publisher clients, without compromising user experience. Finally, RevMob was looking to introduce various ad units to its growing and ever-changing supply pool. Two dedicated tech and business teams from both companies worked closely together and completed a straight forward integration process. The deep cooperation led to completing the integration ahead of schedule and resulted in tremendous success.

The Solution

Inneractive’s White Label RTB Solution, a comprehensive, customizable programmatic solution, enabled RevMob to access over 120 top tier mobile DSPs in parallel, to improve eCPM rates by up to 25% and to introduce new ad units such as video and rich media as well as to leverage geo data to enable targeting executions. By leveraging the dynamic floor price capabilities of the Private Marketplace platform, RevMob was able to secure its desired target eCPM rates, across iOS and Android devices. The platform was also able to analyze ad requests and match them with the most relevant demand sources, at scale, to further optimize yield. By using Inneractive’s AdWatch, an ad quality assurance tool, RevMob was able to monitor the creative that was displayed on its properties worldwide, ensuring ad quality, brand safety and optimal user experience, something that was extremely important to both sides. Additional data and analytics tools enabled RevMob to adjust price floors, buyer preferences and data parameters used for targeting. Detailed reports that included actionable insights enabled RevMob to keep optimizing its monetization strategies.