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The Challenge

Stuckpixel, a successful mobile publisher from California, monetized their apps by manually mediating various ad networks. Not only was this time consuming and labor intensive, but it also prevented Stuckpixel from optimizing its revenue. Furthermore, they struggled to draw valuable insights from the many reports they had emailed daily from the various networks. Finally, with the ad networks, Stuckpixel didn’t have the ability to actually see the ads that are running on the apps, which meant they had limited control over their user experience.

The Solution

Stuckpixel began working with Inneractive’s exchange including its video-enabled SDK. It utilized Inneractive’s Super Auction, which features real-time auctions on every user impression and gave Stuckpixel access to dozens of relevant demand partners, display and video ad networks, Rich Media partners and more. Stuckpixel also used the AdWatch ad review tool. “The fact that I can see the actual ads running on my application is extremely useful. The fact that I have it available anytime is very important for our business,” says Andrew Lee, Stuckpixel’s co-founder and CEO.

As a client, Stuckpixel has access to Inneractive’s advanced reporting and analytics tools. “Unlike other platforms, Inneractive’s reporting is easy to read and interpret and is provided in real time, while others’ reporting is delayed by a couple of days,” says Andrew.

The Results

The vertical that drove the most impact on Stuckpixel’s revenue came from Location Based Service (LBS) providers. Current contribution of LBS ads to the overall income is at a staggering 80%+ thanks to high user engagement and relevance on over 20 ad units across Stuckpixel’s mobile application portfolio.

“Other ad tech platforms provide generic communication whereas with Inneractive everything is more personal and direct. It gives a true sense of reliability. We are happy to have a company that can represent us in front of ad networks. This is a full time job that it saves me and allows us to focus on what we do best.”