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Audience Buying

In today’s mobile ad world, it’s all about reaching the right user. Our comprehensive platform and custom user acquisition solutions ensure your story is told to all your relevant audiences.

Engaging Ad Experiences

Our innovative ad units enable you to engage users in a way that’s more personalized and less intrusive to drive deeper engagement and awareness.

Actionable Insights

There’s an art to targeting the right users. Our solutions will help you master it by providing you with the insights you need to plan, buy, measure and optimize your campaigns.

Exclusive Mobile Properties in Over 125 Countries

While buying the right audience is the name of the game, the quality of the supply makes a big difference to mobile ad buyers. The Inneractive Exchange (INNEX) gives buyers direct (and a lot of times, exclusive) access to unique mobile properties and desirable ad placements in over 125 countries around the world.

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Open Exchange and Private Pipes

The Inneractive Exchange (INNEX) gives buyers programmatic access to unique, direct and exclusive properties and ad placements. We offer an extensive, 100% transparent and brand-safe global inventory with a presence in over 125 countries. INNEX includes an open exchange, where you can participate in open real-time auctions, and private pipes, where you can create your own private marketplaces and set up direct orders for guaranteed or non-guaranteed inventory. INNEX supports Open RTB 2.3, the most advanced Real-Time Bidding protocol, to offer buyers easy access to a mobile ad marketplace where they can readily drive their display, video, native and rich media ads.

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Inneractive Direct Sales

Inneractive’s Direct Sales team enable brands, agencies and trading desks to maximize the ROI of their mobile ad spend. With extensive experience in mobile advertising, direct integration to premium global inventory, and the robust insights of the Inneractive platform we’ll help you reach the audience you seek.

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Mobile Video Advertising

Advertisers love video ads because users love video ads. But scaling, valuing and optimizing them have always been a challenge, especially on mobile. At Inneractive, we invest heavily in minimizing latency across players and devices, offering innovating video units such as Story, our native video unit, and forging premium programmatic environments like Private Marketplaces so that buyers can feel comfortable buying mobile video programmatically.

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Rich Native Formats

Reaching your target audience is only the beginning. Once you have their attention, you have to win their hearts. Advertising has always been about beautiful, engaging storytelling. But how do you tell personalized stories without compromising user experience? Leverage our combination of data-driven personalization with dynamic, mobile-specific native ad formats to tell unique, appealing stories, at scale.

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