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Case Studies

Case Studies - A Global, Direct Publisher

How we helped A Global, Direct Publisher

“Working with Inneractive allowed us to optimize monetization, better understand buyers and leverage innovative ad units. The results from integrating directly with...”
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Case Studies - Airpush

How we helped Airpush

“The key benefit of Inneractive’s White Label RTB Solution is having its technology easily facilitate business relationships between Airpush and both International...”
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Case Studies - A Global, Leading Game Publisher

How we helped A Global, Leading Game Publisher

“I am very positive about Inneractive360 (INN360)... I view Inneractive as a great partner and want to scale up even more.”
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Case Studies - Stuckpixel

How we helped Stuckpixel

“I love Inneractive’s console and reporting mechanism, I have to look at reports every day, Inneractive’s is the easiest. Reporting is always in real time for all...”
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Case Studies - RevMob

How we helped RevMob

“Our partnership with Inneractive brought more innovative campaigns and higher eCPM rates to our publishers. This partnership helped improve performance, producing fill...”
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